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My Godzilla
You Know You've Watched Too Much Godzilla: The Series When...

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You Know You've Watched Too Much Godzilla: the series (1998) When...

Fans of the Godzilla 1998 series have contributed suggestions to the following phrase.

You Know You've Watched Too Much Godzilla: the Series When...

You start writing fanfictions ...and lists like this one. "Evil Overlady"

You have a voodoo doll of your least favorite character. "Dragonchic"

You watch the episodes you have on tape until the poor tape crashes and burns. "Dragonchic"

You get depressed if you don't see an episode at least once a day. "d2k"

You actually try to create any/all of the mutations/anomalies mentioned in G:TS..... And you actually succeed. Including creating the G-man. "JML"

You suffered for not seeing it again, like me here and now! "kaijuman"

You have a world map with Godzilla sightings marked... and plan out the next place for the G-man to hit in your fanfic. "Vathara"

You make a website devoted to it and its fans. "godzillafan"

You see a zillion possibilities for mutant stories involving HEAT! "Crazy8s"

You associate songs on the radio with your favorite characters. "Crazy8s"

You start naming your children after the coolest monsters. "someguyoutthere"

You start dressing and/or acting like your favorite charactor. "Herald-Mage Brianna"

You actually spend over 2 hours hunting on the net for GTS fanfiction so you can make believe it's a new episode. "Rae :o)"

You get violent when somebody says, "Godzilla's just some guy in a rubber suit." "AJ"

You know how many dorsal plates Godzilla has in episode 3. "T Wrecks"

How would YOU complete the sentence?

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